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Nightowl Nightvision Monocular
Nightvision Monocular + IR Illuminator
A simple nightvision system, the Nightowl is useful for seeing in total darkness without access to a camcorder.  The built-in IR illuminator is surprisingly effective for its size.  We use it to scout out dark rooms, as it may detect apparitions better than the naked-eye.

Surefire Flashlights
LED Flashlights
These flashlights are brighter than most bulb lights of the same size and have a much longer battery life.  They are very effective as normal flashlights and produce a very clean light.  This makes them excellent for navigation, but perhaps too bright for equipment use.

Smith & Wesson Flashlights
LED Flashlights
These flashlights are good for equipment use due to the fact that they are not as bright as the Surefire flashlights.  There are three green lights and three white lights.  The colors can be toggled individually or used together for brighter illumination.

LED Flashlight
IR Illuminator Flashlight
A small flashlight with a surprising 28 infrared LEDs to augment nightshot camcorders or nightvision systems.  The power seems similar to that of the illuminator mounted on our HCR-96 Mini-DV camcorder.

Pelican Mini-Lights
Tiny LED Flashlights
These flashlights are very small and usually worn around the neck.  They are good for using with equipment like the Sperry due to their size and accessibility.

They are made of plastic and are durable enough to hold by the teeth, which can be useful at times but is not recommended for conducting EVPs or attempting to look sane.

UEI Scout 3
Infrared Thermometer + Air Probe
Another common investigative tool, the Scout measures the surface temperature of the object the laser is on.  It operates on the infrared spectrum, similar to the way a thermal camera does.  Like a thermal camera, it cannot be used to judge a cold spot in the middle of the room as it will simply pass right through and measure the object the laser is on.  Not even steam is dense enough to be picked up by it.

The air probe, however, can be used to detect cold spots.  It plugs into the side of the Scout and provides a constant measurement of the air around the probe itself.  It is the smaller number in the picture to the left.  Keep in mind that the laser thermometer will only update while the laser is active, while the air probe will constantly update.  This allows us to put the probe into a cold spot itself while pointing the laser at a solid object in the room.  The result is the true difference between that object and the cold spot.  A difference of 10 degrees or more in a still room may indicate some form of paranormal activity.

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