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Audio Phenomena
Electronic voice phenomena, or EVPs, are voices or sounds picked up by recording equipment that were not heard the human ear at the time. The most common theory is that they operate on a frequency outside the detection range of human hearing, but inside that of recording equipment.  The frequency is then normalized by the recorder into a range we can hear.  Some also believe an entity can use the background noise of a recorder to imprint their voice onto it, but this would not necessarily apply to EVPs detected by multiple recorders and would only apply to intelligent hauntings.  Our own testing has shown that voice recorders do not convert unheard frequencies.  In fact, many of the recorders we tested had an even lower frequency range than the human ear.  We do think the imprinting theory has some merit but believe there are other methods which we simply cannot understand.  The majority of EVPs are unintelligible but even when quality EVPs are discovered they often have a mechanical or whisper sound to them.

An EVP might not necessarily mean an entity is trying to make contact. Something like humming or an apparent conversation could be residual, or be an intelligent haunting that is not aware of your presence at that time. Occasionally, music that was not heard at the time will be picked up on recording devices. While not being voices, they still fall under the EVP category. While it is possible an entity may be trying to communicate by using music from their time period, it is most likely residual.

Any sound heard by human ears is not a true EVP but may still be paranormal. Spirits can sometimes manifest themselves enough to produce a voice that can be heard by human ears. These are called disembodied voices and are very rare. Another audible phenomenon is phantom footsteps. These are usually heard as footsteps on a wooden floor. Interestingly enough, they are even heard in areas with carpet, or in an area that is completely void of floors in the present but did have them in the past.  This leads us to believe that they are typically residual in nature.

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