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Stanley Hotel
w/ Darkness Radio


The Stanley Hotel was built by Freelan Stanley, the inventor of the Stanley Steamer automobile, in 1909.  The hotel was designed as a summer resort for rich and famous individuals.  While lacking a heating system, it did have amenities such as running water, electricity, and telephones.  Over the years it has been host to foreign dignitaries, Theodore Roosevelt, and Hollywood personalities.  Stephen King stayed at the Stanley for five months while writing "The Shining" and was inspired both by the hotel itself and his own paranormal experiences during his stay.

The fourth floor is reported to be the most active floor in the hotel.  It was originally used to house the many servants of the hotel.  The most common report of activity on that floor is of hearing children playing in the halls, even when there are no children in the hotel.  Other reports include lights turning on and off by themselves with the sound of the light switch clicking being heard.  The closet door in room 401 has been known to open and close on its own as well as having items go missing from the nightstand.

Our best EVP to date comes not from the fourth floor, but from room 217, also known as the Stephen King Room.  This is the room Stephen King stayed in for five months while writing part of "The Shining."  Early in its history, the rooms all had gas lighting that could be used when the hotel lost power.  During one such incident a maid attempted to light the gas lamp in room 217 but was unaware that the room was already filled with gas.  The result was an explosion that collapsed the floor and sent her falling down to the floor below.  Surprisingly enough she survived the incident but did later succumb to her injuries.  There had been activity in the room all evening and one person claiming to be a medium said the spirit's name was Claire.  2 ARG members were present in the room, along with
Patrick Burns and members of LIPI.  Claire seemed to be getting annoyed at all the attention and would not move any jackets as she had done earlier in the night but she did make herself known through an EVP picked up by one of our voice recorders and also by our camcorder.  The difference in volumes allowed us to determine that the voice came from inside the room, thus ruling out any possibility of outside contamination or prank.  It also helps solidify the common theory that some EVPs operate on frequencies outside our hearing threshold.
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