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Audio Phenomena

EVPs are written in teal for your convenience.

Stanley Hotel (March 2007)
Claire Room 217 (LIPI) "I like that name.  That's a pretty name, Claire."     "I picked it."
Yes Room 217 A "Yes" that is not in response or in advance of a question.

Alcatraz Island (November 2007)
Are you here? New Industries Building "Are you here?"     "Who?"
Citadel Noises - Sony
Citadel Noises - H2
The Citadel These curious noises were picked up by two of our recorders in the remains of the old brick citadel which resides under the current cell block. 
Did you like it here? The Citadel "Did you like it here?"     "It's alright"
Do you want us to be here? The Citadel "Do you want us to be here?" followed by a strange noise.
Laughing The Citadel A disembodied laugh very similar to the one in "Did you like it here?"
Least it's not long The Citadel An electronic-sounding EVP, with a female spirit saying "Least it's not long."
Another Billy-club
Cell Block We believe this to be the residual sound of a wooden billy-club being raked across the iron bars, as guards would typically do.
Get out Cell Block "I must have had it on some weird setting."     "Get out."
It's John Cell Block A female whispering "It's John."  Curiously, the park ranger staying on the island with us was named John.
Unexplained noises
More unexplained noises
Cell Block The voice in the background is one of our investigators, the other noises are unexplained.
Pinball Cell Block While the idea of a pinball machine is a bit of a stretch, it is the closest thing we can think of to describe these electronic-sounding noises.  It is also unlikely to be a buoy. 
Ping-pong Cell Block Sounds similar to a game of ping-pong being played.
Please help Cell Block An EVP that seems to say "Please help me."
Toilet flush Cell Block The sound of a typical prison toilet being flushed.  Note that there is no running water in the cell block today.
Walk with us Cell Block "Walk with us."  "My pictures looked like they had some kind of mist in them." followed by some unexplained sounds.
Hey Cell Block "Hey" or "Hi" recorded during a walk around the cell block.
Humming Hospital This care-free humming was picked up during a tour of the hospital.

R.M.S. Queen Mary (December 2007)
Were you a soldier? 1st Class Pool A disembodied voice can be heard talking over a woman during a K2/EVP session.  So far we have been unable to determine what the voice is saying.

Alcatraz Island (April 2008)
Citadel Noises 2 The Citadel This series of noises was picked up in the citadel.  The apparent footsteps near the end are similar to what we recorded last year and still cannot be explained.
Dispensary Noises 1 Hospital Dispensary This is definitely one of the stranger responses to a name inquiry that we have heard.  So far we have been unable to come up with any natural explanation.
Dispensary Wheezing Hospital Dispensary The footsteps and voice can be attributed to our investigators.  The apparent wheezing cannot.
Dispensary Noises 2 Hospital Dispensary (honk) "Is it quite a bit hotter?"  "It's..." "So it should feel warm, then." "You" 
  The background noises of people talking in another room and of the seagulls outside actually help to dismiss false-positives in this situation.  Both being faintly heard in the background rules out the possibility of either being the source of the unexplained sounds.
"Fuck You" Hospital Dispensary It would appear that something in the dispensary was tiring of all the company.
Dutch Operating Room "Is there anyone here in the clinic tonight?"   "Dutch"

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