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Electromagnetic Fields
An electromagnetic field is an energy field generated by electric charge in motion. It consists of an electric field which is produced by stationary charges, and a magnetic field which is produced by moving currents. Equipment such as the Sperry are designed to detect EMF fields, while a Trifield Meter can measure the electric and magnetic properties individually. High electrical field sources are typically produced by television screens, fluorescent lights, and improperly grounded equipment. High magnetic fields are usually found in AC wall adapters, alarm clocks, microwave ovens, and also by television screens. This article will refer to an electromagnetic field as a whole, and not the individual electric and magnetic fields.

Unexplainable electromagnetic disturbances are a common indication of paranormal activity.  A normal EM background reading is usually between 0 and 1 milligauss. The first thing to do when a spike is detected is to try to find out where it is coming from. Check for the devices listed above, in addition to objects such as ceiling fans and power strips. Be sure to check near walls as improperly shielded wiring can be common in places with older electrical work. If a substantial spike seems to be floating in the middle of the room, or better yet moving around the room, it may be an indication of paranormal activity. Storms can reportedly cause EMF fluctuations so keeping an eye on the weather is probably a good idea. Electromagnetic fields become a lot simpler in locations without electrical power. For the majority of EMF meters on the market, the only readings will be generated by investigative equipment and non-electrical magnetic objects. Equipment emissions are typically in the 0-0.2 milligauss range and very localized.

While the logical course of action may seem to be to turn off all power in a location in order to rule out electrical contamination, this is not always the best course of action. Some people are especially sensitive to electromagnetic fields and can experience a wide range of symptoms when exposed to high fields for extended periods of time. These symptoms can range from feelings of being watched to full-blown hallucinations. For example, if a homeowner is claiming to be awakened in the middle of the night by an apparition whispering in her ear, turning off the power would also turn off the extremely high electromagnetic field generated by the old alarm clock next to the bed that could be causing her to experience this. Even those that are not especially sensitive to these fields can have minor symptoms when exposed to very high emissions. During experiments with high EM fields, we have been able to experience muscle twitches that felt like being poked or pinched by an invisible force and could easily be interpreted in that way by someone unaware of these fields. When investigating a location with reports such as these, it is best to leave as much as possible on.

Most EM meters ignore static electricity as they are designed to be used on electrical equipment. The Trifield Natural EM is calibrated to include detection of these charges on the electric setting. Objects such as trash bags and tarps may hold static charges and be misinterpreted as activity. The magnetic sensor is so sensitive to Earth's natural magnetic field that it will fluctuate if used in motion. To get an idea of just how sensitive it is, a normal EMF meter needs to be moved around very rapidly to produce the same fluctuations that simply walking slowly with a Trifield Natural EM set on magnetic will produce.

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